negocios y empresarial aprender inglés

Business and commercial English

Do you want to learn business English? The desire to learn this language can come from different goals. Business criteria is one of the most frequent reasons to learn English for companies’ managers or employees who want to improve their level of English related to their specific field.

Why learning business English?

Business slang is especially demanded by those professionals who work in commercial finance or business fields. This training has a specially high potential due to the qualification it grants to the person who is focused on it.

Those who have English knowledge can, for example, work in the commercial department of a given company, since these professionals are very demanded globally. This knowledge is also basic to elaborate and maintain a network, forging alliances and creating commercial agreements.

This professional knowledge is essential to keep posted on the international news by reading the business section on the international press or books. Through knowing the universal language for business, one acquires protocol skills that are fundamental in work meetings and professional interviews.

New tech have also been a turning point in the business arena, since nowadays several tasks can be performed online, e.g. maintain a meeting through a videocall. Knowing the language brings people closer both in face-to-face and in online meetings.

negocios y empresarial aprender inglés

Business and commercial English

How to learn commercial English?

Through Clasing you can learn commercial English using an online training methodology that provides the additional advantage of allowing you to include this learning plan in your current schedule.

You can reach your learning goals through a realistic program which unites two essential components: English and business, both the foundation of the learning process.

If the whole language is analysed, it can be seen that its vocabulary is a big deal, nevertheless, focusing on the business field allows you to narrow it down. During the training plan, you will participate in conversations with high value, since they are examples of real experiences from a business environment. This also increases your knowledge, by making you see yourself in these environments in a near future.

Some examples of real situations that are simulated during the lessons are effective negotiation, presentation of a business plan, talking to a possible investor, a business meal, etc. Thanks to this preparation, you develop your communication skills in order to get to be your best in this professional field.

This knowledge is not only important for entrepeneurs, managers or business owners.

It is equally important for young undergraduates who are preparing their professional future and want to have an excellent education nowadays, when companies require really complete profiles. In this case, it can be really negative to not have a high level of English during a hiring process, especially in commercial fields..

Besides, knowing the business slang can also be a good asset for those who are looking for a permanent or temporary job in a foreign country.

For all these reasons, business English is a pillar for your professional success, a fundamental education for your future.