How does it work?

chica feliz dando clase de inglés por skype

Enjoy your first experience for free

chica feliz dando clase de inglés por skype

You decide your timetables whenever you want

chica feliz dando clase de inglés por skype

We adapt to your needs

chica feliz dando clase de inglés por skype

You can have fun and learn English at the same time

Of course it is not mandatory, but it is a perfect way for you to try our methodology and for one of our teachers to assess your initial level to be able to adapt the lessons to your level and goals.

No, lessons never expire. You can pause your lessons and resume whenever you want.

In your free trial lesson, the teacher will write a report about your level in the different areas of the language.

No. Clasing does not have enrollment fees nor recurring payments. You will only pay for the lessons you will enjoy.

If you can maintain your routine and fix a weekly timetable, you will always have the same teacher. In case you prefer to select a specific date and time for each lesson, this cannot be assured.

No, you will only pay for the classes you will enjoy.

You can buy your classes with a credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.

There are two options for you:

  • CASE 1: if you want your kid to learn English and their level is not enough to guarantee that the class will be fluid, a bilingual teacher will be assigned to help with the lesson.

    In case one of the parents wants to participate in the lessons, he/she can do it without any additional fee.

  • CASE 2: if you are an adult, the same methodology will be used until your level is high enough to follow the class correctly. If you have any doubt, contact with customer support 🙂

Any day of the year (including holidays) you can cancel your class until two hours before the start time without it being losing a class from your pack.

You can reprogram your lesson contacting our customer support team or your teacher.

Yes, we will always help you to plan your specific learning paths according to your targets. You will never hear a “no” in Clasing.

We believe that language learning has to adapt to you and not the other way around, that is why our class hours are extended from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. If you want to take classes outside this time slot or on weekends, contact our Customer Service team and we will do our best to make it happen.

The classes last 1 hour or half an hour, you choose! During the last 5 minutes the teacher will monitor your progress to prepare the following sessions and adapt them to your needs.

Of course! If you are an individual and you need an invoice for your classes, you just have to notify us and send us the billing information.

Through our classes you can prepare for different exams and official language degrees such as Cambridge, IELTS, APTIS or TOEFL. If you want to present a specific certificate, let us know and we will personalize your classes.

We like to give all the possible facilities.  Our team will attend you without problems from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in UTC /GMY +1 time  (Madrid, Paris)

Chica contenta haciendo símbolo de victoria

Do you want to learn languages?

Prepare yourself for you first Clasing experience

Persona reservando clase de inglés gratis

1. Book whenever you want

Choose the date and time of your first Clasing experience, from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 23 pm, for free and without obligation. Time is no longer a problem!

2. Install Skype

We like to work with the better companies to give the best possible service. Our lessons are given through Skype, Google Hangouts or Google Meet so you can enjoy them from any device.
Comfort is a must!

Persona dando clase de inglés por Skype
Persona utilizando Gmail para registrarse y dar clases de inglés

3. Create your Gmail account

Para poder acceder a nuestra pizarra virtual, es necesario que tengas una cuenta de Gmail en la que los profesores a través de archivos compartidos en G.Drive te proporcionarán todo el material necesario para tu aprendizaje.

4. Enjoy your Clasing experience

1. Some minutes before your lesson starts, your teacher will send you an invitation through Skype to start your call.

2. You will receive a link to the virtual blackboard that will be used during the lesson in your Gmail inbox.

3. Your teacher will adapt the lessons and the material to your level, needs and goals.

Chica feliz dando clase de inglés online por Skype
Chico feliz dando clase de inglés online por Skype

5. Be Clasing

After your trial lesson, you will only have to purchase your preferred pack according to your available time and your eagerness to learn.

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For beginners
or advanced students

Our classes are flexible, adaptativo and for every age, completely adapted to the level and needs of the student.

prepara tu entrevista de trabajo

Prepare your exams
and interviews

Methodology thought for those who want to go forward an achieve a fluid level, to participate with no problems in any type of conversation.

aprende inglés de verdad

English right

We prepare you in an intense way and we give you the necessary academic material so you can learn as fast as possible.

Interactive blackboard

With our virtual blackboard you will be able to write live together with your teacher, solve exercises, receive instructions, take notes and so much more.

Besides, you will be able to access each class’ blackboard at any time to review the lessons and even download them on your PC.

Chico sonriendo mostrando un ejercicio de inglés

Constant feedback

We want you to have the best service and to help you learn English in the simplest and most effective way.

That is why, after the class, we will contact you via email or phone to assess your service and adapt better to your needs.

Chica apuntando opiniones de los clientes

Do you need more reasons?

Our teachers are graduate native people. In order to work as a teacher in Clasing it is necessary to prove experience and pass our selection process.

Our methodology is totally immersive, so you are learning English during 100% of the time

We do not waste time. Each student has a plan adapted to their needs since it is not the same to prepare an exam in two months than a job interview

You always have our support. In case of any problem, we will be delighted to help you via phone, email or chat.

We give you all the academic material and resources you may need, without extra costs.

If you wish, when you finish your lessons, you can receive a Clasing Certificate that includes all the conversation lessons you have received.

Without permanence agreement or expiration nor enrollment fee