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From 5€ per class!

Plans without subscription nor expiration
Monthly frequency recommended
Pause whenever you need


Choose what days you want to receive your lessons. We take care of everything. Besides, if it is ok for you, we aim to set a fix timetable to generate routine and discipline, and always the same teacher, so as to promote as much trust and closeness as possible.

Extension of the classes

You choose, in half hour slots, as many as you want. We recommend 1 hour classes due to the ability to go deeper in that time, but if you want a quick stimulus, half hour is your right choice. Levels are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.

What pack do I choose?

If you cannot make it to any class, that’s ok. You can keep your credits if you warn us at least 2 hours before. It is not mandatory to continue with the lessons, no permanence agreement is required.


4 hours

Adaptable to:

8 lessons of 30 minutes
4 lessons of 60 minutes


8 hours

Adaptable to:

16 lessons of 30 minutes
8 lessons of 60 minutes


12 hours

Adaptable to:

24 lessons of 30 minutes
12 lessons of 60 minutes

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Tell us what level you would like in the platform in “Purchase notes” during your purchase (A1, A2, B1, B2)