aprendiendo inglés rápido

All lessons at 10€ per hour

From 5€ per class!

When do the lessons take place?

Choose the days of the week and the times at which you want your lessons, we will adapt to your schedule and you will always have a teacher who will monitor you individually.

How long are the lessons?

Choose the duration of your lessons taking into consideration your schedule. You can choose from lessons of 30 minutes60 minutes or 90 minutes.

How many hours per month?

Choose the hours of lessons per month, in monthly installments of 4 hours (basic), 8 hours (standard) or 12 hours (premium).


4 hours

Adjustable to:

8 lessons of 30 minutes
4 lessons of 60 minutes


8 hours

Adjustable to:

16 lessons of 30 minutes
8 lessons of 60 minutes


12 hours

Adjustable to:

24 lessons of 30 minutes
12 lessons of 60 minutes

For beginners or for advanced students

The Basic plan is designed for people with a limited amount of time and for those who want to strengthen or improve some specific aspects of the language. Remember that you can schedule your monthly lessons in 2 lessons of 30 minutes a week.

Train your exams and interviews

The Standard plan is designed for those who want to take one more step and to reach a medium level of fluency to be able to communicate without problems in any type of conversations. Remember that you can schedule your monthly lessons in 4 lessons of 30 minutes a week.

Learn languages faster

The Premium plan is designed for you to successfully achieve the goals you set. We prepare you intensively and we provide the academic materials necessary to learn in the shortest time possible. Remember that you can schedule your monthly lessons in 6 lessons of 30 minutes a week.

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