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How you must prepare a job interview in English

When preparing a job interview in English, it is very likely that you get nervous but it is important that you keep calm. Being self-confident is essential to pass this important task. If this kind of interview in your mother tongue is challenging, even if in a foreign language it can seem impossible, it is not, you just need previous practice.

How to prepare a jow interview in English

In order to keep calm during a job interview in English, you need to feel confident. This confidence is achieved with a previous preparation. Let’s imagine you go to United Kingdom to find a job. They will not only take your CV into consideration, but also your English level.

An interview in English is not that different from one in your mother tongue. Any recruiter will be happy, for example, if you show interest in the company and you have read all about it.

That is why you first need to acquire knowledge about the job you are looking forward to obtain, its principles and rules. This will allow you to adapt your knowledge to the job. Showing this attitude you will start at a very promising point.

There are several interviews simulators that can help you. What are these simulators? They are a set of possible questions the recruiter can ask you. Using them can give you the advantage of preparing your answers and not being caught unprepared.

You also need to be careful on being too self-confident. You could talk too much, turning the interview into a monologue. Remember it is not about talking a lot about you, but to give them precisely the information they are asking for and being confident about it. Otherwise, you could bore the other person.

It is a very good choice for you to ask some questions (not too many) about the company: they must be questions you cannot answer by yourself. This way, you will show a greater interest and that you intent to improve in your job.

If you feel that your English still needs a little more of preparation or it has been a long time since you spoke English, a review of the most important expressions could be good. We never stop being students, especially when we try to improve.

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How you must prepare a job interview in English

Some questions that can help you prepare a job interview in English

You can find some of the typical sentences during the interview, which you can previously prepare like an oral exam:

– Tell me a little about yourself. – Cuéntame un poco de ti.

– Why do you want this job? – ¿Por qué quieres este empleo?

– What is your greatest strength? – ¿Cuál es su mayor virtud?

– Tell me about your work experience. – Cuénteme de su experiencia laboral.

– Describe your short term and long term career goals. – Describa sus logros profesionales a corto y largo plazo.

Preparing an interview in English is not that different from preparing it in Spanish. Self-confident is essential to reach your goals.

What do we do to help you prepare your job interview in English?

During our lessons for job interviews, we prepare you to successfully overcome any job interview in any professional branch.

Job interviews in English are more common every day and not only in foreign companies, since this language is becoming an essential tool for any person who is looking for a qualified position. He/she must be fluent in the language and know how to express himself/herself accordingly. Thus, job interviews are the best way to know if the candidate has the correct skills.

These conversations generally have two types of questions, the closed ones, which have a yes/no answer, and the open ones, where answer is more of a monologue or a topic introduction.

Second type of questions are obviously harder to prepare, since they cannot be memorized and because they are the real prove of the candidate’s English level.

In our English lessons for job interviews, we will specifically prepare you to answer these questions easily since, by the way, are very similar en almost any job interview, where the goal is to make the candidate give information about him/her, like their professional skills or similar previous work experience.

We have wide experience in the preparation of job interviews and our qualified teachers are able to provide guidance on how many classes you need to correctly express your interests, motivations and the famous soft skills, so used in typical Anglo-Saxon CVs.