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Practical tips to give a presentation or conference in English

How to prepare a conference in English? If you find yourself against this academic or professional challenge, here we give you 5 practical tips that you can use to plan it. How to do a presentation on English?

5 tips to successfully give a conference in English.

  1. Firstly, you need to know the approximate time your presentation must take. The content of the conference must be adapted to the available minutes.

  2. Choose two or three main ideas and use the minor ideas to strengthen the message as an argumentation. Do not make the mistake of saying too much in too little time. It is better that you select the information in a realistic way. A good way to beautify your lecture is to quote other authors.

  3. Write your conference and use visual aid to support it. E.g. use a projector. Moreover, print your speech, so you can have it as an aid and underline some parts of the text, like those parts where you would like to do a pause. It can always happen the event of a technological failure, nevertheless, you will always have your speech written in paper that you can use as a guide even when there is no Internet.

  4. It is important to not read your speech. Our advice is that you practice and review the content before the presentation, to be confident during the lecture. Read the text aloud, so your auditory memory helps you with the correct pronunciation. You can algo record yourself in one of these practices so you can later reproduce it and analyse the strong points and those you need to work on. You must also take into account your body language. If you wish, it is a good idea to ask a friend to watch you give your speech and give you some ideas on how to improve.

  5. It is convenient to introduce yourself in English before starting the lecture so the assistants who do not know you can have access to your trajectory. This introduction must be brief in order to avoid eclipsing the main topic of the presentation.

conferencias y presentaciones en inglés

Practical tips to give a presentation or conference in English

How to keep calm during the English oral presentation

Previous to the lecture, visit the place. This is important for you to know the space, where you and the public will be located. That is, it will allow you to have a context while planning all the details. If you have the chance to do a final trial before the presentation, do it.

When giving a presentation in English, it is important that you enjoy this experience as what it is, a chance to learn. This means that you need to avoid perfectionism and just let yourself enjoy.

What do we do to make your lecture perfect?

English lessons oriented to preparation of conferences give you the necessary skills to give a successful presentation in English, no matter what the context or environment it takes place in is.

Nowadays, it has become more common to do job interviews by videoconferences. Other times, it is the employee who needs to give a conference to a particular group about a specific topic. 

Lessons for preparing a conference are developed in the same environment than the conference itself because, no matter if the lecture is online or face-to-face, the candidate must talk about a topic in English in front of a group of people and fluence is fundamental, not only to express correctly the message, but also to make the interaction fluid and comfortable.

Our teachers will correct the possible defects or weak points in order to make a brilliant speech.

Oral conversation in a foreign language is not easy for everybody, so each student will need a personalized program adapted to the topic of the presentation.

With our English lessons for conference practice you will learn how to unwind in any professional environment and any topic. We will also teach you the correct attitude to have during the lecture, the pose, the body language and the rhythm of speech, which will help to give the right message.

Choose the pack of lessons that better adapts to your routine and your academic level in order to prepare your presentations at your own pace and in a fun and dynamic way. We have specific activities and exercises available for you to learn to speak English as it was your mother tongue.