niño feliz dando clases de inglés

English lessons for kids, where the motivation becomes learning

English lessons for kids have many advantages. It is not only about the opportunities of knowing other language, which is very positive on its own, but also it increases the chances of access to additional knowledge. It is also necessary to remark how fundamental it is to be able to communicate in English nowadays.

An early English school for kids

The younger your kids are while learning a second language, the easier it will be for them to assimilate it. That is why you should really think about taking your kids to English lessons. They will really appreciate it when they grow up and they have to face the increasingly demanding academic and professional requirements.

Benefits of English lessons for your kids

A lot of parents wish that their kids will eventually decide their own path. This is the best option, so they can be successful and happy with their decision. Nevertheless, it is good to start helping them as soon as possible, and giving them the chance of receiving English lessons is a great opportunity, since they will eventually need to fluently speak this language.

There are many benefits related to acquaint to a language when being very young. Kids not only adapt their brain to acquire greater knowledge easier than others who did not learn a second language, but their self-confidence is also increased.

For young people, greater knowledge means greater self-confidence. This an essential part for your kids to achieve personal success in the future, since, additionally, they will easily relate socialization to a way of communicating.

A greater education gives the youth the chance to improve solving of day-to-day problems, not to mention the opportunities they will have in front of them: e.g. going abroad is a marvellous personal experience. Also, this can definitely mean a great advantage over monolingual people.

Over all, didactic English lessons for kids start with a key, fun. Playing and having fun makes it easy for the kids to learn, specially when they are very young.

clases de inglés para niños

English lessons for kids

The importance of English school for kids

Acquisition of a new language can be an easy process when started at a young age. The same way we learned our mother tongue, your kids can assimilate the Anglo-Saxon language.

An English school achieves this goal, since it is more efficient to teach with playful techniques, because little ones learn better when they are doing what they love, to play. With the best teacher applying the best English-teaching methodologies, this goal is achieved with no effort nor difficulties.

To conclude, English lessons for kids are an advantage. Besides turning them to be bilingual, they will find many opportunities in their academic and professional life.

English lessons for kids and parents

English lessons for kids and parents offer a family language learning system and are especially recommended for little kids since, on the one hand, it allows parents to be part of their kids education and, on the other hand, work on their attention and learning skills in extracurricular activities.

In Clasing ELTS we offer both individual and family lessons, both are interactive, dynamic and fun. There are three modules of four, eight and twelve hours so every family can have a plan that suits them.

Lessons for kids and parents are especially useful right before travelling. If you are thinking on going to an Anglo-Saxon country, strengthen English notions can help kids to be more confident and participate in adults conversations.

Having the parents present during the class helps the children to motivate and avoids distractions while, at the same time, they strengthen the knowledge previously acquired at school, for which our lessons are adapted to their academic level.

Our teachers are experts in children pedagogy and have a wide experience in teaching English to little kids. The lessons that the parents will receive will be different according to content and methodology, but they will include common activities so they can interact with their children and directly monitor their progress, while having fun learning.

If these boys and girls are motivated to gain an interest for new languages when they are young, besides harness their own potential will be more effective when older, since they will express in other language in a natural way, while adults can find it more difficult to adapt.