certificados de inglés en clasing

Official language academies certificates

Having a language certificate will allow you to find your first job or obtain a scholarship. Official language academies certificates are required per most companies that wish to guarantee their employees’ and their intern’s English level.

Even if not always the best speaker is the one with certificate, universities and other public organizations consider an official certificate as mandatory.

These are the different English certificate courses that you can perform to obtain an official recognition of the language you speak

Cambridge English

Cambridge English certificates are recognized by most universities and companies and are the most demanded certificates in Spain. All of them are composed by a specific grammar. Once a certificate for a given level is obtained, there is no need to pass this exam again, even when more than two hours pass through exams.

Cambridge English certifies 5 levels, correspondent to A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Cambridge English Key (KET)

Equivalent to A2. The test consists of 4 English exams: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You need a grade higher than 7 to pass.

Cambridge English Preliminary (PET)

PET certificate is equivalent to B1 and it is a prove that you understand the basics of the language. You can communicate fluently.

Cambridge English First (FCE)

With Cambridge English First certificate, you reach level B2, which is enough to live in an Anglo-Saxon country and work independently. You also have enough level to obtain corporate training in English.

Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)

With CAE certificate (C1) you will find a great number of private and public companies and organizations that consider this a high level of English. You will be able to develop your training and professional skills, as well as your personal life in Anglo-Saxon countries if you have reached this English level.

Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE)

This certificate, equivalent to C2, shows that you are completely fluent in English. You will be able to participate fluently in any conversation, no matter how sophisticated or technical they get. Having this level means you can study and work at high technical level, as in postgraduate or doctorate programs.

certificados e idiomas

Official language academies certificates

Text Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

It is the first official certificate, operative since 1964. Currently, many universities and organizations recognize TOEFL as a certificate of English level. The exam is taken online in several official centers and it certified your level of English.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

It is the most popular English test, both for foreign people and for high level interns. It is avowed globally for the access to North-American universities and in most of United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

To find a good job or study in an Anglo-Saxon university, start preparing your language certificate and show the level you have achieved.

What do we do so you can obtain your Official Language School Certificate?

English lessons for obtaining official certificates are specifically designed to achieve the fluency required in the exams and to improve the basic pillars of the language.

The lesson plans are organized in three main modules depending on the requirements of each student. The first one is the Basic Plan, which consists on 4 hours a month, which is perfect for those who only need a quick review right before the exam or those who need to combine their English lessons with a full time job or a part-time in more than one job, which is being increasingly demanded in Europe.

The second one is the Standard Plan, which can be perfectly suited into any timetable and consists on 8 hours per month, and it is meant to introduce the preparation for the certificate in the daily life, without interfering with other activities.

At last, Premium or Intensive Plan consists on 12 hours per month, i.e. two hours per week and it is perfect to strengthen English learning right before taking the test and to work equally each of the areas of the language, since in most of the certificates, it is required to take different tests for each area, oral and written.

Each module is adapted to the requirements of each student, his/her learning skills and the desired certificate.

Contact us without any obligation for any doubt regarding the personalized plans. You can test your English level in a free trial and our teachers specialized in official certificates will advise you on the perfect plan for you.